Feel the Bern 2020

Bernie. You inspired millions of young people when you ran in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. Me included. You came out of nowhere like a star flashing through a dark sky showing a glimpse of hope to this dark world. I speak of you in many of my speeches. Because I want to remind people.

I will never forget what you did back then even if you finished behind secretary Clinton. God knows what would have happened had it been you against Trump in the election itself.

However, you showed me that we need to fight. So many million of us young people were listening. Not just in America but around the world. Also here in Europe. I am still listening to you and hoping we will win in 2020 in the United States so you will once more show us the way for the free world.

Europe needs a strong America. An America that stands up for the weak. An America that creates medicare for all. An America that provides educations and decent paying job for all and not just the few.

We lack such leadership here in Europe, which you provide, except for a few. Without you I would have given up on social democracy but with your example and leadership I was energised for this struggle. To take on this broken system. To work for ordinary people and to listen to their suffering that I understand all too well from my personal life. 

Now is the time that we bring people together instead of dividing society. When millions of us stand up and fight we can create a government that works for all of us and not just for 1%. That is what the political revolution is all about. We need to fight. We need to fight each and every day to bring the message forward.

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