We need to hear Robert Kennedy’s message today

The United States of America was a very polarized society in the 1960s with conservative forces battling with the progressive movement that wanted to fight for a new humanity. A humanity hat does not stand for prejudice and superposition. Robert Kennedy delivered his famous speech on the 4th of April 1968 in Indianapolis on the day Martin Luther King jr was murdered. Everyone should listen to his speech today to understand why we should fight against the polarization that is happening in Europe and America.

No more racial segregation! No more prejudice and racism. We know better. We must stand up for mutual respect towards one another and build a compassionate society that does not put the weak against the weak. And we can do this if we want to.

Instead of tearing our society apart in hatred towards one another we can come together. Demand for more social justice and demand for solutions concerning the ecological destruction that is happening in our planet. For us Europeans it means working for a better Europe that builds a society that is there for the many and not for the few.

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